1. shadinathepurplesmallperson: What's the difference between Digimon Level Auras and Clon Auras?

    Clon Auras, you can have as early as level 1. Clon Auras are determined on your clon levels you have in your enchantment. Ex: I have my Rosemon at a 12/12 attack enchantment. She has a purple swirling aura around her because of this. The closer to 12 one of the four clon attribute is, the more vibrant the aura.

    Digimon level auras, you get at level 46. When you increase your level, your aura changes color.

    • Level 46: Green aura
    • Level 61: Blue aura
    • Level 70: Purple aura
    • Level 80: Red aura

    When you get closer to a different color of aura, the color changes. Ex: At level 59-60-ish, your aura will be more of a aqua/blue-green than what it was at 46 when you first get your F2 and it’s plain green.